10 Best Small Apartment Design Ideas

Living in a small apartment can be tough, especially when you have limited decorating choices. After all, who doesn’t want to make their home an abode of luxury, comfort and harmony! However, when you have a small space, you have to design your home strategically rather than going by whims and fancies. A lavish sofa set which looked awesome in your friend’s apartment may not even fit into your home. Having said that, don’t be shattered! Even smaller apartments can be beautifully designed to exude charisma and awe.

Multi-functional furniture pieces, hidden storage options, bright pops of colors and large pieces of art on the walls will help your room look larger. For a more personalized and homely feel, add warm colors, floral arrangements, graphic art, and subtle paintings; however, make sure not to clutter. So, if you are looking for clever apartment design ideas for your small apartment, here are the tricks for you. Let these fantastic apartment design ideas inspire you to transform your small apartment into a home of your dream.

1. Intelligent Room Dividers and Eye-Catching Colors

Make your small crib surprisingly alluring, captivating, and tasteful. Single-roomed apartment can be split up into a bedroom and living space, using an intelligent room divider or a see-through unit instead of a wall. Make sure that the see-through unit exudes a fantastic aesthetic appeal, while being exceptionally functional. Having a beautiful room divider, instead of a wall, also ensures a good amount of natural light throughout the day, making the space look bigger and warmer. The bathroom can be tucked away at the back wall of the apartment, while you can cut off a small space at the corner of the living room as your mini kitchen.

Using hidden storage options for such a small apartment is the best choice. It will help you store necessary items smartly and neatly, without cluttering the space. In the kitchen as well, keep all items in storage units or cabinets, including cooking ware and utensils.  A large window with glass panes can be perfect to have abundant natural light throughout the day. Use striking color combination such as red and white for an eye-catching appeal, while maintaining stunning contrast with the furniture, which can be wooden or metal, depending on your taste.

2. Smart Kitchen Storage

Have a mini kitchen? Lack of space? Don’t worry. Smart kitchen cabinets and cupboards are extremely useful, where you can store spices, pulses, utensils, cutlery, and even electronic appliances, without eating up too much space in the kitchen or core sideboard. Drawer-cum-cabinets are more purposeful and are also easy to organize and get things when you are in a hurry. However, for a uniquely appealing touch, open storage shelves can be more suitable, which can also be used as a simple wall divider to split up your kitchen and dining space. At the same time, it will keep the space open, fresh and airy.

3. Designing a Small Bedroom

When you have a small bedroom, make sure there isn’t any extra space going unused. You can have a bed that has multiple sections and drawers, which can be used to store essential items such as pillows and blankets and books. Instead of a cupboard, you can have a sliding one or a wall-hung wardrobe with several sections to save great space. A bedside table cabinet with sliding drawers can also be helpful in storing items, while saving a lot of space. A simple desk unit with a collection of shelves right above it can serve the purpose of your work desk. You can also have a concealed Murphy bed that can be used as a spacious and creative workspace in the morning, and pulled out as a bed during night.

4. Designing Your Small Bathroom

For small bathrooms, narrow wall shelves are a fantastic way to stylish store bathroom essentials. Exquisite canisters can be used to hold your favorite lotions, cotton swabs and balls, shampoo, and other luxury items, while other toiletries can be put under the vanity. A closed cabinet can be placed just below the bathroom sink to store important things like towels, bathrobe and bathroom slippers. This will also save good space in the bathroom.

5. Avoid Dark Hues

The best way to make your small home look bigger and appealing is to avoid dark hues. You can paint the focal wall in a bright color, but keep the others subtle and light. This will make the room appear more spacious, warm and stylish. Subtle colors on walls, and even on furniture, may make the space appear open, crisp and light.

6. Long Lavish Curtains

To make your small apartment look big and beautiful, use roof-to-floor curtains that are lavish, stylish and welcoming. You can even use a sheer silk, long curtain panel to add a dramatic appeal, while visually separate the living space and dining room. For windows as well, you can use lavish curtains and drapes from top to bottom to make the room appear larger.

7. Stylize Beneath the Stairs

For small apartments, no space should be left idle. In fact, any additional space in your home can be beautifully enhanced if you think smart. How about adding a striking shelving unit just beneath the stairs to take maximum advantage of this extra space in your home? With beautiful wall-hung shelves, you can easily transform the space into a mini bar or to stylize it with exquisite artifacts. It can also be the perfect place to show off your vivid collection of books.

8. Decorate Your Walls

Rather than using showcases and floors, keep your decorating creativity for the walls, which will not only save significant floor space, but also make your room look spacious and smart. You can also use beautiful wallpapers, and a blissful combination of bright colors and lights to enhance your walls.

9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Full length mirrors can also be used to make your small apartment look bigger and elegant. In fact, it acts as the focal point of the room. With mirrors, you can use bright colors and light to further enhance the style of the space.

10. Elaborate Ceiling Designs

When you cannot do much below, try stylizing your ceiling. Beautiful hangings such as wind chimes, lamps, or even small potted plants can enhance the beauty and elegance of your home. If budget is less, you can use exquisite wall decals instead of false ceilings or complete tiles.

Whether it is a studio apartment or a skimpy small home, the key mantra is to keep it stylish. Even in small spaces, you can design and decorate your dream home to enhance style and elegance, and make eyes pop out. The fantastic apartment design ideas shared above will certainly be of great help to you. Share your ideas to design small apartments beautifully.

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