Children Bedroom Colors As Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural practice which incorporates directions, colors and materials into the designing and arrangement of your house to offer mental peace, economic development and overall prosperity to the tenants. This ancient practice can be deployed to any part of the house, from the living room to the kitchen. This highly regarded practice has been known to indicate spectacular results.

The ideologies of Vastu Shastra are not difficult to incorporate and practice, as it uses simple ways, such as, the alignment of the furniture, the color of the rooms and the construction of the house. Changing these simple things can immensely help in the overall happiness and success of the residents.

What are Vastu Colors?

According to Vastu Shastra colors play a pivotal role in the development of our mind and body. The right hues can help us bring out our full potential and the wrong colors can have a disastrous result. Since the white spectrum is a collection of seven colors namely Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, these are the basic shades which you should focus upon when painting the interiors of the house; especially the children’s room.

It is a proven fact that colors influence our minds, moods and emotions. A child’s mind absorbs tones with more enthusiasm than adults, so it’s important that they are cultivated in the right environment with suitable hues. Each of the seven tones is connected to a specific area of the mind and body and influences the development of that part.

Thus, it becomes absolutely vital that you pick the right combination of colors for painting your children’s room, so that they can grow to their full potential, without hindrances.

Which Colors To Choose?

In Vastu, each cardinal direction is ruled by a specific color tone. So, analyze the direction of your child’s bedroom and paint the walls in the correct tones and patterns as per thus ancient science of living.

Each direction is governed by a planet and a matching tone will enhance the harmony and balance of the universe, which will flow into your child’s development and learning. So, how do we decide on the suitable color patterns? Read on to find out…

Main Directions:

East: The ruling planet in the East direction is the Sun, and the color representing this direction is White.

West:  Planet Saturn rules the West direction, and the harmony color is Blue.

North: Mercury rules the North direction, and Green is its hue.

South: Mars rules the South direction, and Coral Red represents it.

Cardinal Directions:

North-west:  Planet Jupiter rules the roost here. Use Golden Yellow to enhance its benefits.

South-west:  Planet Rahu is the lord of this direction, and appease it with Brown or Pink.

South-east: Venus is the ruling planet of this cardinal direction. Enhance its powers with Silver.

North-west:  The Moon is the king of this direction. To receive its benefits use White.

So, chose these tones wisely a per the direction your child’s room faces, and then paint the walls or use suitable colors in fabric, toys, bed and furniture to augment your child’s development.

Complete Growth for Your Child

Neutral shades like green and white are the best bets for the children’s room, irrespective of its direction. These shades stimulate the mental, motor and emotional senses of your child and help them to stay energetic and focused. Furthermore, color green represents nature and will soothe your children’s eyes and senses. It would help them remain calm and focused in whatever activity they pursue. Thus, different shades of green improve their concentration and make them feel peaceful. This tint thus motivates them to put their energy into education and achieve success.

For stimulating the brain, hues in bright tones of pink, orange and blue will do wonders for them. These tones have a very vibrant look and spill into your children’s life as well, as thus they will be positive, cheerful and always ready to learn new things with great enthusiasm.

The tones of grey and white may look elegant, but for a child’s room they are not recommended, because they fail to stimulate the energy in children as it is much needed. Remember, the tint in the children’s room should be such that they do not over excite them nor make them feel and appear dull. The color combination on the walls should be in the right balance for your children to have a wonderful and healthy growth.

Vastu colors are gender neutral, so you do not have to worry about which hues to paint the walls, if you have a boy or a girl. The above mentioned tints do wonders for both the genders. Your children will show immense physical and mental growth, once their room is painted with the Vastu appropriate hues.  The Vastu methods will help them to overcome both physical and metal obstacles, and thus they will be less prone to sickness and ill health.

Good Results with the Use of Vastu Defined Color Combinations

Vastu practices have been around for centuries and have shown significant results over time. The practices ensure that you and your family get only a positive atmosphere in your home. Paint the room in light tints where the room receives ample of sunshine, while the less ventilated rooms should be painted in dark hues of pinks, blues, oranges and greens.

We hope these few Vastu tips and tricks will help you achieve success for your children when you renovate your house or will be moving into a new home.

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