Diwali Home Decoration Ideas 2015

Diwali, the celebration of the spirit of divine light that illumines our lives, has almost arrived at our doorsteps. To appease the goddess Lakshmi for blessing us with bounties and to drive away the evil spirits from our homes, it is imperative that we deck up our homes elegantly for Diwali 2015. We bring you a bunch of exciting Diwali home decoration ideas for prepping your space tastefully for the festival of light.

Rangolis: An Extravaganza Of Creative Designs And Inspiring Colors

Rangoli Design Diwali


Home decoration with Rangoli has been prevalent since time immemorial. You can add new dimension to the conventional Rangolis by being creative, fun and ingenuous. The intricate artwork would become lively with eclectic filigrees inspired by delicate and enchanting designs floating around us; in jewellery art, natural alignments and designs published by graphic artists from time to time. Cool colours would allow the ornamentation to bloom to its full glory. Aesthetic quotient of rangolis can further be heightened by placing captivating flowers strategically. Floral patterns can be imitated from Kerala’s pookalam designs. Take it to the next level by adorning with colored rice and lamps.

Diwali Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Pooja Room Decoration

It is believed that the grace of Ma Lakshmi is transient and to make it perennial, special efforts have to be invested. The first step in this direction is to decorate the Diwali Pooja room atmospherically to make it vibrant with celestial energies. Lamp shades and lanterns promoting devotion can be innovatively aligned to coolly illuminate the throne of goddess, the light needs to be soothing to avoid the glare and make the mind turn inwards. Designs can be elegantly etched out on thermo-col to simulate columns and shades to house the throne of god. Decorative candles and joss sticks can be placed at the corners to make them glow with divine fragrance blended with illumination. Clay or brass candle holders can be filled with water and a platter sprinkled with flowers can be made centre-stage to hold the candles.

Diya Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Diya Decoration Diwali

Diya or earthen lamp when lit signifies the triumph of light or noble virtues over darkness or vices. Designer diyas in tempting colors, sequined finishes and sleek looks are available easily. These diyas would complement the home décor and confer a character of its own to your living space. You can have a centrepiece placed and then deck it up with diyas of attractive styles and captivating sizes. Diya platters can be used to have beautiful lamps placed side by side. They can be aligned in a captivating manner with flowers or garlands laid between them. You can also have festoons with small mirror pieces studded in wooden or plastic decorative pieces dangling around the room which would reflect the light of the diyas and make your room drench in divine light. Diya holders with pedestal can be placed in pairs at the entrances as a gesture of welcoming the goddess. Diyas can be teamed up with splendid ornaments and fresh flowers to magnificently enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home. You can also take a large bowl, fill it up with water, sprinkle flowers and natural colours on it and then make diyas float in beautiful and chic alignments, a sight that would linger in your memory for a lifetime. If you don’t want to buy Designer diyas, you can buy new diyas from the market and paint them with your choice of colours.

Flowers decoration Ideas For This Diwali

Flower Decoration Diwali

Indian festivals are incomplete without flower adornments. Flowers are inherently beautiful and as such floral patterns can be made in an assortment of combinations to make Diwali memorable. You can refer online designs to shape up the floral pattern that makes your house look strikingly appealing and make the aroma linger. Flowers can be woven in garlands or wreaths and then hung on the walls to make walls come alive.

Try the aforementioned ideas and see your home dress itself up in mesmerizing apparels to welcome Diwali with open arms.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali

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