Eco-Friendly Diwali Celebration Tips

Diwali – The festival of lights! Celebrated every year with immense zeal and fervor, Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India, signifying the victory of good over evil. So, why blemish the charm of this beautiful occasion with noisy fire crackers and electric illumination that takes a toll on the environment and subsequently on human life? Why let the evil overpower the good?

The celebratory spirit and enthusiasm that Diwali brings is unmatched. Diwali celebration with family and friends has its own charisma. But amid this fervor and enthrall, how “green” is your Diwali? A beautiful festival celebrated with diyas and delicious home-made sweets has drastically transformed to being one of splurging, nasty fire crackers, and trend of decorating houses with electric illuminations. And all these items only puts added burden on the environment.

The festive spirit and excitement of Diwali shouldn’t soften, but make sure that you celebrate the festival in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Here are some valuable eco-friendly Diwali celebration tips for you.

Crack it Wise

Diwali without fire crackers seems incomplete, right? We aren’t recommending cutting off completely on fireworks this Diwali, but you can certainly crack it thoughtfully. Fire crackers cause pollution that not only damages environment’s poise, but also puts human life at stake. Instead of traditional noisy crackers, go for eco-friendly products this year that are made from environment friendly recycled papers. The sound produced by these fire crackers is within the decibel limit suggested by the Central Pollution Control Board and also has less harmful effects on the environment and human life. The crackers produce different colored lights and paper fluffers on bursting, instead of sound.

Celebrate Together

Diwali is best celebrated with family and friends together. So, why not get together with your relatives, neighbors and friends at one place and celebrate the festival of lights. Celebrating together is a tactical way of minimizing the cost of the Diwali celebration as well as reducing the extent of pollution as caused by individual celebrations. Needless to say, this also adds more fun, excitement, and bonding among each other.

Decorate Your Home with Diyas

Go earthy this Diwali. Instead of using electric lights to illuminate your home, decorate beautifully with diyas and candles. This way you can cut down on electricity consumption and also causes less environmental pollution. The exquisite diyas and candles also look extremely pretty, enhancing the charm and beauty of the occasion. Otherwise, you can also illuminate your home with LED lights that cut down energy consumption by at least 80%. Moreover, LED lights now come in different hues that will further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Make Rangolis with Natural Color

This Diwali, decorate your home with beautiful Rangolis and welcome your guests with happiness and fervor. To add a touch of green, instead of using artificial colors, make your Rangoli with natural colors. Environment friendly, safe, and 100% natural colors are now available in plenty; you can make your rangoli with these colors. Otherwise, add a touch of uniqueness with spices and other food items. For yellow, use pulses or turmeric; for white, rice powder is perfect. Use cinnamon or cloves for brown color, cardamom or fennel for green and dried red chilly or kumkum for red color. You can also make Rangoli with fresh flowers of different colors. The beautiful harmony of color and fragrance will create the perfect ambience for Diwali celebration.

Go for Homemade Sweets

Lack of time makes people opt for sweets from shops nowadays. However, many of these sweets come with artificial colors and too much sugar that can be harmful for the body. So, this Diwali, make sweets at home instead, using natural ingredients such as milk, coconut, besan, jaggery, sugar, dry fruits, and keep them unadulterated and nutritious. Make delicious homemade sweets such as laddoos, Barfi, Gajar ka Halwa, Kheer, and Shakkarpore. Celebrate Diwali with mouth-watering sweets, healthy and nutritious.

Choose Personalized Gifts

Exchanging gifts among family and friends is most common in Diwali. It deepens love and bond between people. However, this Diwali, if you are shopping for gifts, don’t invest in wrapping paper. Less paper you use, more you will prevent trees from being cut. Instead, paint newspapers and wrap your gifts in them to add a personalized touch. You can also use jute or old clothes to Handpaint, or embroider, and use them as gift bags. You can also make Diwali gifts at home this season, including cakes or cookies, candles in different colors and shapes, homemade sweets, a bouquet of paper flowers or potted paper plant, or creative artwork. Reduce buying plastics and use-and-throw decorative items that can cause environmental pollution. Rather use recyclable materials.

Eco-friendly Bonfire

Accentuate joy and happiness of Diwali, spreading love and cheerfulness among poor and needy children. They don’t have money to buy expensive fire crackers, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of festivity will fade for them. Spread happiness by arranging an eco-friendly bonfire with dry leaves, grass and twigs in an open space and serve delicious homemade sweets and drinks. Instead of bursting noisy fire crackers, fill up balloons with small pieces of colored paper, glitter, or toffee, and spend the evening bursting them for an enjoyable event. The cheerful sound of bursting balloons will usher happiness and joy in Diwali.

Cut Down on Your Shopping Splurge

Shopping on the occasion of Diwali is a must, but you can certainly cut down your shopping list. Prevent buying unnecessary items as excessive consumerism is related to increased consumption of raw materials that are used to manufacture those things. This has an impact on natural resources, damaging environment’s equilibrium significantly.

With these wonderful tips, make your Diwali celebration joyous and exciting, without posing a threat to the environment and the human life. After all, the festival of lights signifies happiness, harmony and everything that is good. So, why spoil the charm of the occasion with something that is superfluous. Celebrate with your loved ones, spread happiness, and go “green” this Diwali; an endeavor to protect our Mother Nature.

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