Modern Design Trends as per Vastu Shastra

As Interior Designing has emerged as a key aspect of style and modernization, Vastu Shastra gains more significance today. Smart interior designing when complemented with the magic of Vastu Shastra helps in exuding a positive energy, driving the wisdom of bliss, prosperity and healthy living. It is a science, a system of beliefs, an ancient philosophical system that depicts how the four major elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air – has an effect on human beings. It addresses the proper construction of the building as per the right direction to let positive forces enter your home and eliminate negativity and evil from human life.

Interior designs based on Vastu principles also ensure comfortable living, bringing health, wealth and prosperity in a person’s life. Contemporary interior designing is defined by simplicity, clean lines, sophisticated, subtle, and texture, focusing on space, colors, shape and sleekness. And when interior designing is based on principles of Vastu Shastra, it can have a positive impact on you and your family members. By attracting positive energy and eliminating negativity, Vastu Shastra brings happiness, prosperity, wisdom, and peace in any home. As such designing a home based on Vastu principles has become the latest fad. For you, here are some modern design trends as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for the Main Door

The main door of your home is the entry to your abode, where all positive and negative energies revolve. Therefore, the entrance of your home should be well-maintained, clean and beautiful to drive positivity and prosperity. Make sure the main door remains free of any obstacles or clutter, both inside and outside, because this can attract negative energy to your home. As it is the primary element that should attract positive opportunities, the door should be designed to be large and inviting. According to Vastu Shastra, East, West and North directions are considered perfect for the main door and should open at least to 90 degrees. It is believed that a door that opens completely welcomes positive opportunities and energies into the home.

  • The main entrance should be built of high-quality material such as wood. As per Vastu, it is better to avoid metal doors or metal frames at the entry point
  • Avoid having a store room or garage right in front of the main door
  • It should not have any obstructions such as water tanks or electric pole right in front
  • Decorate your main door, beautifully with artifacts, but keep it less cluttered and clean always

Vastu for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the abode of peace and harmony, where you can relax and settle into the world of comfort and serenity. However, if your bedroom is not designed as per Vastu principles, it can affect your peace of mind, harmony, and happiness. Vastu for your bedroom promises sound sleep that is most important for stress-free living, good health and prosperity. Here are some Vastu tips to design your bedroom:

  • Have the main bedroom in the south direction to ensure peace and harmony
  • Design your bedroom in rectangular or square shape as this is considered right for attaining peace, prosperity and happiness
  • It may look beautiful, but avoid having idols of God in the bedroom
  • Paint your bedroom walls in light hues such as pink, blue rose, green and yellow. You should avoid dark and very bright colors such as black and red
  • Have only soft and dim lights in your bedroom
  • Don’t keep decorative accessories such as plants or an aquarium in the bedroom

Vastu and Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where good health and prosperity resides. Therefore, your kitchen should be designed as per Vastu Shastra, which describes Venus as the ruling planet of your kitchen and Fire as the ruling element. Here are some valuable design tips for your kitchen:

  • Southeast direction is considered the place of God Agni, as per Hindu Shastra. Therefore, the kitchen should be designed in the southeastern part of your home
  • Make sure that the door of the kitchen is in the North or Northeast direction and the windows on the East
  • The main slab of the kitchen should be L-shaped, while all electrical appliances should be installed on the south wall
  • If you have a dining table in the kitchen, it should be in Northwest or west direction only
  • Use beautiful, unbreakable jars to store spices, grains, pulses, etc. and keep them in South or West

Vastu for Your Bathroom

A bathroom depicts self-renewal and purification, where a person relaxes and cleanses his/her mind, body and soul. And therefore, once should not ignore these key Vastu principles while designing their bathroom:

  • The ideal direction for bathroom is East; however, if bathroom and bedroom are attached, it is best to have a toilet in West or South
  • Color your bathroom in light colors like pink, white or blue as this lets you relax and have a serene ambiance
  • If your bathroom has a Geyser, have it on southeast corner
  • A bathtub can add style to your bathroom, but make sure to have it on the west

Vastu and Dining Room

Following Vastu principles for your dining room ensure that positivity flow into your body, creating an atmosphere that improves quality of life and brings wealth, happiness and prosperity.

  • Have your dining room in the West
  • Paint the walls of your dining room with light shades, such as, orange and pink
  • You can decorate the dining space beautifully with exquisite paintings of nature
  • Make sure that the dining table is only a square or rectangle in shape

Vastu is believed to bring happiness, good health and prosperity in life, driving positive energy into your home and eliminating the negative vibe. Considering these modern design tips based on Vastu Shastra may not only accentuate beauty of your home, but will also ensure that positive energy flows into your house and your life, channelizing wisdom, health, wealth and prosperity. Have Vastu design ideas? Share your tips and tricks with us today.

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