Top 10 Home Decor Trends For 2015

Don’t we all love a makeover, be it personal or one related to our home decor! So, if you have something similar on your mind, why not coincide it with the New Year? The year 2015 is here now and it can be the perfect opportunity for you to undertake an interior decoration project in keeping with the latest trends. Want to know what’s hot and what’s not….read on to find out!

1.  Blue is the in-thing: One of the first things to know when it comes to interior decorations is the right color choices to make. As per the latest trends BLUE is the king! You can choose anything from royal blue to navy and never go wrong. Everything from azure to turquoise has a calming effect on the senses and reminds us of the most serene natural spots such as the sky, tropical beaches, or a beautiful mountain lake! No wonder, everybody is going gaga over this hue, and now so can you! If you want, you can pair it with other colors such as Greek blue goes fantastic with pink or grey. Also, nature inspired shades, such as, golden yellow, moss green, or muted violet refresh and animates your interiors, and hence is ideal choices too!

2. Fusion of materials, patterns, and style: Fusion seems to be the byword in interior decoration for 2015. Go ahead, mix-and-match with confidence to bring out startling results, all the while remaining on the right side of trends. The aim is to create interesting, comfortable, yet stylish living spaces that connect the old with the new beautifully. Organic shapes, curved soft lines, and natural color schemes, adding spectacular accents are much in demand for the interiors.

3.  Wood for that rustic appearance: Visiting the Nature and taking inspiration from it has become the favorite with interior decorators. Metal, stone, and salvaged wood are the most popular materials being used nowadays. Designers recommend all kinds of wooden material since 2015 as rustic, natural, stained colorful, warm and glowing golden varieties. You may also use luxurious marble and elegant granite.

4.  Organic designs and natural themes: Interior trends for 2015 point towards glass design for walls and green spaces having large windows. The aim is to bring in natural themes to the room with the help of vibrant paint, floral wallpaper, fabric, prints, room colors, interior water features, and nature inspired patterns. Team this up with white, black, beige, light grey or fresh green shades. Modern designs display plants and flowers with integrated planters for bed headboards, modern tables, and contemporary chairs. Trellis designs as dividers for rooms are natural decorative items for an eco-friendly setting.

5.  Retro styles are also popular: some interior decoration styles simply refuse to become obsolete and retro home decor is one such option. You can always remain evergreen and in keeping with the trends for 2015 by embracing this style. Create inviting, functional, and gorgeous rooms this way. You can choose to add a modern vibe with B&W geometrical prints, chalk drawings, posters, or even handwritten letters on painted black walls.

6.  Use subtle touches for best impact: You do not have to go for big remodeling or transformations to remain with the trends for the New Year. Just make simple yet effective changes to create magic. For example, everything that you need to do in your home involves replacing that heavy drape with beautiful window sheers for brightening up the interiors. Similarly, go for glass tiles instead of the same old boring ceramic backsplash tile or introduce a lightly textured delicate dinner set while hosting your next event.

7.  Apply the right metallic touch: Soft metallic finishes are the in thing for the New Year. One run over from the previous year is the eye-catching oil finished bronzes. Also, brass has made a comeback, so you can look for antique or brush finished adornments related to modern mirrors or sleek lamps. Cool copper soap dispensers, candlesticks, and bar tools are other great additions for your home. Scour the craft stores in your locality for finding the perfect items.

8.  Use stencils and decals: When it comes to decorating walls for the New Year, you can start using stenciling devices to ensure that trendy appearance. There are no strict rules regarding this, so simply consider what your most favorite pattern for stencil is and begin decorations. Ideally, you can use it as a DIY project for every member of the family can chip in especially the kids. Naturally, ultimately it will turn into a fun and entertaining endeavor that helps your family to bond over something creative and deeply personal in every way. So let this New Year strengthen the familial bonds when you undertake this unique project.

9.  Geometric patterns indoors: One among the newest interior decorating trends, these are ideal for most situations. You can incorporate such patterns in various ways indoors, such as in the form of interesting wall hangings in circle, diamond, rectangular shapes. Similarly, you can also apply geometry in the room layout, such as decoration in circular or square pattern, hexagonal window, or linear designs separating different areas within the room. Arrange your furniture pieces in symmetry to create aesthetically pleasing environment. For this, you need to consider all aspects such as the height, angles, flow, and the width of the room.

10.  Bring the outdoors inside your home: Interior designers today are experimenting with everything, and one of their favorite endeavors is incorporating outdoor elements in home decor. A great way to bring outdoors in is to have a room with a view of the outside with large windows and enough opportunity to bring in the natural light for illumination. Others may try bringing in patio furniture for that outdoor touch or adorn the countertops or even the drink coasters with various natural knick knacks. This can be big flowers, wood, stone, horn, natural threads, and bone, among others.

When it comes to following the latest interior, home decor trends, there are no rulebooks to cram! Simply use your imagination and creativity to transform the indoors towards something warm, pleasing, and inviting.

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