5 Top-Rated Tourist Spots In Singapore

Top Tourist Spots In Singapore

Singapore, the vibrant Cosmopolitan, features prominently on the global tourist map. Tourists visit Singapore to enjoy the thriving city life, bustling townscape, traipse at botanical gardens and aquariums, shop to their heart’s delight and catch the thrill in the air.Here, we are providing you a list of top Tourist Spots in Singapore.


When is the best time to visit Singapore?

Best time to visit Singapore is not restricted to a few chosen months. Perennial warm, tropical weather keeps the climate balmy and as such the hotel rates are almost constant year round. However, the room rents soar unprecedentedly during September’s Singapore Grand Prix and national holidays.  During November to June, tourist traffic is highest owing to holiday festivals like Chinese New Year, Zoukout, The Great Singapore Sale and pleasant winter season. By January, the city experience heavy downpour due to Northeast Monsoon season. Temperatures are high from July to October and the tourist influx dwindles. Southwest Monsoon arrives during this time.

Interesting places to visit in Singapore

There is no dearth of tourist spots in Singapore. There is legion of tourist attractions in Singapore, but we have shortlisted the top 5 spots to ease your itinerary chalking exercise.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens remain open from 5Am in the morning to midnight. The retreat has a cool, idyllic character to it which attracts joggers, tai-chi practitioners and casual visitors. Broad strips of virgin rainforest offer opportunity for bushwalking. You can enter the boardwalk from Upper Palm Valley Road. The National Orchid Garden houses orchid species and hybrids of more than 2000 varieties in diverse colours. Near the Tanglin Court, the food corner serves traditional local delicacies of coconut jam layered toast, mildly boiled eggs and coffee.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

Singapore’s history from Chinese perspective can be viewed over here. Every piece of history with its nuances has been meticulously preserved in the Center. Complete sets of household items and sections like kitchens, bedrooms etc. have been artificially created to give you an unalloyed feel of the 19th and 20th century Singapore. Complete street scenes have been authentically recreated. Within close proximity, scintillating skyscrapers offer fascinating views. As you step out of the Center, you can buy souvenirs from the gift corner.

Haji Lane

Fashion lovers’ would love to stroll in this tiny lane of Muslim settlement. The small shops tucked in homes along the lane sell hip and chic items which reminds one of the Paris’s Le Marais district. ‘Know It Nothing’ is a swanky place where dress shirts exhibiting the acne of sartorial excellence along with silver skull buttons, manufactured by Garni Japan is sold. Pluck sells cushion covers inspired by voguish Austin Powers. You can shop for home accessories like laser cut table mats.

Little India

The historic Little India district once witnessed cattle herders, race courses and brick Kilns. They have since been engulfed by the cavernous time. You can find flower garland peddlers, contemporary chic restaurants, boutique hotels and artistic groups. During 1840s, Europeans gathered around the racecourse and imported Indian migrant workers to get the cattle trade on rail. The Serangoon Road and adjoining streets of this vibrant district features imposing temples of Hindu and Chinese origins, churches and mosques. For the bon vivant, there is a wide array of gastronomic delights on sale with the spectrum ranging from South Indian delicacies, North Indian tandoori cuisine and local food items. Shopping reaches its culmination point at Mustafa Centre, Tekka Centre and other goldsmith or saree stores. During the festive period of Deepavali and Pongal, Little India is decorated brilliantly.

Night Safari

With the advent of dusk, nocturnal beings become hyper active. Night Safari Park is the first of its kind in the world dedicated to exploring the natural habitats of nocturnal creatures. It is situated next to Singapore Zoo and was inaugurated in 1994. You will be greeted by over 2500 animals from 130 species in the dense rainforest spanning 35 hectares. Many species on the brink of extinction can be spotted over here.

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